It’s iSmartDV, available for both Android and iSO.

Yes, you can scan and download the app iSmartDV for both Android and iSO, through the app on your phone, you can monitor what you are recording in real time. Make sure to download the video if you want to keep it.

Password is 1234567890.

You’ll need a class 10 speed (100m/s), up to 64GB in capacity for our 4K Action Camera.

No it doesn’t. Unfortunately you will have to purchase it separately.

30M/100FT with the waterproof housing.

Yes, except the waterproof housing.

Yes, it does, the screen on the back of the camera shows what’s been recorded in real time.

Yes, you can download them directly from the Micro SD card to your hard drive. Alternatively, you can download them through Micro USB cable that comes with the camera.

It doesn’t require special program, videos will be saved in mov files.

About 1 hour if you have it on continuously at 4K mode.

Use the included USB cable to connect your camera to any 5v USB port with an output of 1-2 amps. This means computer USB ports are all compatible, and most car chargers and USB mains adaptors will also be fine – if in doubt check the label on the charger for voltage and current output. Chargers with an output of more than 5v or 2A are not compatible, and may damage the camera.

Make sure you switch the camera off AFTER it starts charging, to ensure it will get fully charged.

Unfortunately it does not.

It means that the camera keeps recording at defined intervals until manually stopped or stops at a preset time.