About Us

We love sports.

Because we love competitions, and we love chall

We love the fun, joy and laughs that come with them.

We also love the blood, sweats and tears that come with them.

But most of all, we love our experiences in all of above.

Because a trophy carries dust, but memories last forever.

That’s why we created ICONNTECHS IT, a group of product engineers and sports fanatics who want to enable you to enhance your experiences in whatever sports you do.

We bring you the most versatile action camera so you can capture your most incredible moment to inspire, and share with those around you.

We bring you the most resilient bluetooth speaker

We bring you the coolest and sweatproof bluetooth earphones so you can stay in the moment.

We are ICONNTECHS IT, where sports and technology come together.

Customer Service:

If you need any help or have any questions about your order, please contact us at